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Goat Simulator Developer Announces New Game

by Dylan Siegler


Many gamers probably remember Goat Simulator, a game with wonky physics and based around a number of ridiculous situations that originally released for PC in 2014, before getting ports for several other platforms and receiving multiple DLC packs. Recently, it was announced that the studio behind Goat Simulator, Coffee Stain Studios, is working on a new IP entitled Satisfactory.

In a recent press release, Coffee Stain Studios announced their new game, Satisfactory, along with providing a teaser trailer for the game. However, neither the press release nor the teaser offer much information about the game. CEO of Coffee Stain Studios Anton Westbergh stated, “If I told you more it wouldn’t be a teaser now, would it?”

As for the teaser itself, it focuses on a lizard-like creature that acts more like a dog and tries to get a piece of fruit off of a plant. The lizard thing fails and sits down. Then, something appears to happen off-screen and the fruit falls off the plant and the lizard eats it. Then a truck drives by. And that’s it. The only other information we’re given about the game is that there is no release window and that there will be an alpha available in May, unless the studio wants to push the alpha date back. Players can register for the game’s alpha at

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