Godfall Launches on PS4 Along With First Expansion Pack

Practice Your Godly Moves in the Fire Realm

by Aaron Nashar

Godfall is now available on the PS4 for the first time since launch, and along with it, comes Godfall’s first-ever expansion pack, known as “Fire and Darkness“.

The Fire and Darkness expansion brings with it brand new threats for players to extinguish, offering powerful loot as rewards, all in a brand new Fire Realm for you to explore.

PlayStation 4 players interested in buying this game now will be happy to know that the game will offer a free next-gen upgrade once players decide to purchase a PS5.

“We are overjoyed with the response from the PlayStation community to Godfall and are thrilled to welcome even more players to the world of Aperion through PlayStation 4,” said Keith Lee, CEO of Counterplay Games. “Godfall is an immensely exciting and ambitious project for us, and we are always listening and learning from player feedback – especially for this next chapter. With Fire & Darkness and Lightbringer’s additions and enhancements, now is the perfect time for both new and returning players to dive into Godfall.”

Interestingly for the first time since launch, players can now be paired up with other random players in the PvE mode, so co-op no longers requires a direct invite from or to someone in your friend list. The feature is now accessible for the Lightbringer and Ascended Tower of Trials.

It’s worth mentioning that PS4 players are also now able to play with their friends who have a PS5 on day 1 with support for cross-gen play. However, PC and PlayStation players are unfortunately unable to team up together as cross-platform play is still unsupported.

God Fall’s Fire and Darkness expansion pack is a $20 DLC, it is also included in the game’s Deluxe and Ascended editions, all available right now on the PS4, PS5, and PC.