Gran Turismo 5 Long Install Times

by Bill Hess
Gran Turismo 5 Long Load Times

A user by the name of Amar212 at GTPlanet has just revealed to the world that Gran Turismo 5 has a mandatory install that takes almost an hour to complete.  And for such a long wait time you know this file is gonna be big…Wait for it….  6.5 Gb.   Yeah so the massive delays this game had are gonna pale in comparison to the home stretch when you are waiting your final hour to finally hit the open roads.

What are you gonna do with your install time?  Me? I’ll probably bake a tray of cookies and knit a sweater. After I’m done with that I’ll look in the mirror and tell myself what a handsome man I am, then twiddle my thumbs for a half hour in anticipation of the sacrifice of all my spare gaming moments for the next month…Or more, god no, please don’t let it be more.

Update: Phew.. it was just announced that the game has an option to play while you install.  I better get started on that sweater now then.  Hello Sexy Friday Night.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2021