Gran Turismo 7’s DRM Caused the Game to Be Unplayable for 30 Hours

Fans of the series had to wait almost 48 hours to access the new release.

by Carlos Hurtado


Gran Turismo 7 fans could not start the new release for over 24 hours due to the servers being down. The latest release came with its share of issues, so the developers decided to do some maintenance, resulting in over 20 hours of downtime. This made it impossible for players to keep enjoying themselves from various tracks and game modes, putting the “always online” feature to the test.

Gran Turismo 7 was released on March 3rd, and so far the reviews have been fairly positive. According to Metacritic, the game scored an 87/100, something that many AAA titles fail to obtain. Our Gran Turismo 7 review was also very positive.  This Playstation exclusive title has been around for a while now; its first release was back in 1997 on the Playstation. Update 1.07 came a few days ago, but not without its share of issues.

Since the update went live, many PS4 and PS5 users could not start the game, and the developers took notice of this and released a statement addressing the issue. On the official Gran Turismo website, Kazunori Yamauchi (the game’s producer) let all players know that they are working on the issues that came up with the last update. This is the reason why the server maintenance was extended, so players now know why it is going to take so long before they can start playing the game again.

Update 1.07 brought a lot of changes and improvements to Gran Turismo 7, including the new Broadcast mode that enables Streamers and Content Creators to use to avoid featuring any music that can trigger copyright infringement, so Content Creators will be able to stream without having to worry about the music on their stream.

Besides this addition, the game received some fixes regarding the game’s lobby, missions, licenses, garage, physics simulation model, and more. Update 1.08 fixed the issue, and players should be able to progress to the World Map, allowing players to start the game and go through their matches.

Even though these problems are rather annoying and should not be in a game of this caliber, at least the developers are working as fast as they can to fix this problem and allow players to enjoy their game.

All in all, we hope to keep getting news about the title. The reviews are fairly positive, and many fans of the series are happy with the release. This Playstation giant keeps delivering on its promise.

Gran Turismo is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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