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Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Adds Millennium Falcon And Star Destroyer

by Mike Guarino


Star Wars is back in a big way with the latest movie out now and smashing box office records left and right, and no matter where you turn it is nearly impossible to avoid hearing at least something about the series. While we’ve seen The Force Awakens trailer recreated in Grand Theft Auto 5 already, now we have two of the series’ ships in the Millennium Falcon and Star Destroyer being usable within the game itself.

PC Gamer checked out the new mod and took the ships for a spin in a video you can watch below, and cruising around in these ships through Grand Theft Auto 5’s world definitely looks fun. However, the Millennium Falcon does not have lasers or lightspeed to play around with, which would definitely have made this mod a must-have for Star Wars fans. It’s also just a re-skinned version of the game’s fighter jet, so it doesn’t have unique controls or movement speed.

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens didn’t get the story-driven video game counterpart that some Star Wars fans were hoping for in Star Wars Battlefront, it nonetheless recreates the feeling of being in the series with incredible level design and graphics. That’s the go-to game this year for Star Wars fans, once you’ve gotten bored of playing around with GTA 5’s Star Wars mods, that is.

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