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Grand Theft Auto 5 Returns To The Top Of The Monthly NPD Charts In July

by Dean James


The top selling games of each month typically feature games that have come out in that specific month or perhaps at the tail end of the previous one. However, there are some staples that continue to hang around month to month and one of those managed to take the top spot in a very dry July game wise.

As revealed by VentureBeat, the top selling game of July was Grand Theft Auto 5, which includes any of the platforms it released upon. This is pretty incredible that a game like Grand Theft Auto 5 is not only sticking around near the top, but taking the top spot nearly three years after its initial release on last-gen consoles.

Just behind Grand Theft Auto 5 was one of the newer entries on this older game centric list in Overwatch. However, this did not include any sales, so it is very possible that it could have topped GTA 5 if those were actually factored in, but that is something we likely won’t ever know.

The next two entries on the list were the only two actual new games in July with Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming in at number three after releasing on most every platform, followed by Monster Hunter Generations at number four. Monster Hunter Generations could have also been higher though as digital sales were not included at all in the sales numbers for it. This likely also helped the 3DS spike that led to it taking the top spot in July as we told you earlier.

With bigger games like Madden 17 and Deux Ex: Mankind Divided releasing in August, this list likely will see a new release sitting on top, but it is definitely interesting to see a list of more veteran games this time around.

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