Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Info Trickles Out

by AOTF Staff

Grand Theft Auto Online heists will finally be added to the game next week as well as many other additions. Still, not very much is known about the heists but it seems that a few lucky media outlets were able to try out some of them.

An interesting account from GamesRadar details how the heists will work in several mini-missions just like in story mode. Grand Theft Auto Online Heists however, are said to take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. As we know, players will need to have a high-end apartment (the one with the planning room) as well as be at least level 12. Heist missions will also require the heist leader (the one whom organizes the heist) to front some money, which is typically 10% of the total payout, to get the heist strand of missions going.

The update will launch with five heists and an array of challenges to partake in. The most notable is Criminal MasterMind Challenge that requires you to finish every heist in order without losing a single crew life on Hard difficulty mode for the astronomical payout of $10,000,000.

Grand Theft Auto Online heists is set to release March 10th across all platforms. Grand Theft Auto V will come with heists already implemented upon release on April 14th.