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Grand Theft Auto V Modding Tool OpenIV is Back Up to Download

by Jennifer Locke


OpenIV, an extremely popular modding tool for Grand Theft Auto V, is available to download once again after it was taken down last month when Take-Two sent a cease and desist letter. Though Rockstar issued a statement a couple weeks ago that said the company would not take legal action against non-commercial singe-player mods, people were sadly still unable to download OpenIV on its website until this weekend.

When asked for comment by Kotaku, OpenIV’s site simply replied, “The development of OpenIV will be continued soon.” This seems to be indication that Take-Two and OpenIV have reached some sort of agreement, but we have yet to see if their approach to running the modding tool will change.

The modding tool was originally removed on June 14 and players wishing to download it after that needed to go to which directed traffic to a version of OpenIV uploaded to Google Drive. On June 23, the same day that Rockstar issued its statement, an update for the tool was pushed out that people took as a sign meaning it would eventually get back up and running again.

Rockstar faced immense backlash from the modding community when OpenIV seemingly met its demise so it is great that the situation has been sorted out for now.

- This article was updated on:August 1st, 2017

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