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Grand Theft Auto V Remastered Amazes Gamestop Managers

by Damian Seeto


Rockstar gave a 30 minute presentation on Grand Theft Auto V Remastered behind closed doors for Gamestop Managers. From what was seen, everyone was impressed with what they saw.

One Gamestop Manager was kind enough to share their thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V Remastered in terms of what was shown. The manager posted his/her thoughts on NeoGAF and was blown away with the presentation Rockstar gave about the game.

The biggest statement given about Grand Theft Auto V Remaster by this person is that it’s the “best remaster” they had ever seen. The Last of Us Remastered turned many heads as it looked great on the PS4. It appears GTA V has trumped that game with all of the changes Rockstar have given to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions.

In terms of graphical changes in Grand Theft Auto V Remastered, there are many. The person said the traffic is more dense and the draw distance has improved immensely. You can actually see lights and traffic flow from very long distances.

Nature in the game has been given a makeover. Individual blades of grass are now animated and there are now more animals roaming around. You can now see actual fur on animals and even the coral reefs underwater have been redone.

There will also be new content added to Grand Theft Auto V Remastered. The only example given right now is new songs and radio stations which was revealed a couple of weeks ago.

Sadly, Rockstar didn’t mention a release date yet as they only said the game will be coming “soon”. The Gamestop Manager believes a new trailer should be out very soon though. It’s also worth noting the Gamestop Manager saw the game running on the PS4.

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