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Take a Look at the Gravity Rush 2 DLC Outfit Inspired on Nier: Automata

by Jose Belmonte


Square Enix has announced that the long-awaited DLC for Gravity Rush 2 inspired on Nier: Automata will be available worldwide for free on May 5th. The download consists on a costume based on the look of 2B, the protagonist of the action-RPG from Platinum Games. To showcase this collaborative work, the company has posted a gameplay video in which we can see how well the new costume has been adapted to fit in the world of Sony Japan’s creation.

With this DLC, Gravity Rush 2 players will be able to dress Kat up in two variations of 2B’s main costume: one with her eyes covered and the other with her face completely visible. The outfit will merge perfectly with the world of the Gravity Queen, since it has been adapted to have the same distinctive animated aesthetic that the Sony Japan’s creation is known for. Not only that, but the physics of the dress have also been carefully reworked in order to respond to the extreme conditions that are part of Kat’s daily job, such as falling from high buildings or the effect of the air when she’s flying and maximum speed.

This move was inspired in part by all the fan art depicting a crossover of both universes that can be found online and that the followers of both games sent to their creators. Both developing teams also share a close relation from their work with Sony Japan, so they decided to create this additional content as a way to collaborate with each other.

The decision of both studios to collaborate was so sudden that at the time of the announcement they didn’t even have any official footage or artwork to show as an example. But this week Square Enix posted a gameplay video of Kat wearing 2B’s outfit, which makes clear how strong is the relationship between both studios, since the game is developed by Sony Japan.

This Nier: Automata costume is the 12th outfit that can be worn by Kat on Gravity Rush 2. The list includes all the DLC outfits from the first entry, unlockable through a save file from the game, and a special Phantasy Star Online 2 outfit.

The DLC collaboration for Gravity Rush 2 will be available worldwide on May 5th. Check it out in this gameplay video below.

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