Grey Goo Interview – Resurrecting Command & Conquer Style RTS Action

by Kyle Hanson
Grey Goo Interview PAX South 2015

One of the larger booths on the PAX South 2015 show floor belonged to indie publisher Grey Box. Their two games, Grey Goo and Dreadought, wowed the crowds and featured long lines throughout all three days. I got to play both games and took some time to chat with the developer to find out more about the ideas behind them and the future of each. First up was Grey Goo, a newly released real time strategy game.

Grey Goo was launched the day PAX South began, on January 23rd. Developed by Petroglyph, the team was pretty excited by this and the fact that the game was receiving pretty universal praise. As you can see in the interview above, the team is filled with former Westwood Studios developers, which is why Grey Goo takes a lot of queues from the Command & Conquer series. Fans of the genre should have  a ton of fun with Grey Goo.

For those that already have the game I made sure to ask about the future of Grey Goo. Plans are obviously being worked out for possible DLC, but the team was sure to include all of their work in the final game. Any DLC will be additional stuff created after development completed. They also included the same level editing software that they used to create the game with the retail version of Grey Goo. This means that users can create their own dream maps and share them with their friends.

Grey Goo is available now on PC. Did you check out Grey Goo already? Let us know in the comments what you thought of the game, and our interview.