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Is GTA V out of the 2012 release window?

by William Schwartz


Can Grand Theft Auto fans expect a GTA V release in 2012?  That answer is getting more cloudy as the weeks roll by, and Take Two Interactive begins to give gamers a better picture of their release schedule for 2012.  A few weeks back, the company announced that Rockstar would be releasing Max Payne 3 in May, and today they announced that Bioshock Infinite would be their big fall release with an October 16th launch.  So where does that leave Grand Theft Auto V.

Common sense would tell you that unless Take Two is looking to cannabalize says from their popular Bioshock Infinite title, they likely won’t be releasing Grand Theft Auto this holiday season.  Forcing consumers to choose between multiple Take Two titles could definitely hinder the bottom line for the company, and would give gamers even more tough decisions to make in what will likely be another crowded holiday lineup with the annual Call of Duty title likely on the way, and other games that have yet to be officially announced for later this year.

Obviously it’s still possible that Grand Theft Auto V releases this year, but it’s beginning to look less and less likely.  Rockstar has gone dark on GTA news since announcing the game last year, but has said that the details will flow once Max Payne 3 is in gamer hands.  That in itself doesn’t give the company much ramp time for the marketing push of Grand Theft Auto V, not that it really needs it, but all the the hopes for a 2012 release are getting smaller and smaller from this gamer’s eyes.

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