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GTA 5 PS5 Next-Gen Gameplay May Have Been Shown Off in New Trailer

Blink and You'll Miss It...

by Ben Stroud


Beauty, Friendship, Wonder and Success. These are just some of the words Sony has used in their latest Playstation advertisement, which has seemingly revealed a small glimpse of next generation Grand Theft Auto V gameplay, ever so sneakily. The latest trailer, included below, consists of various quick glances into many popular gaming titles. Such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet & Clank, FIFA 22 and most importantly, Grand Theft Auto V running on the next generation system.

The end of 2021 see’s Rockstars open world epic release for the third time on console since 2013. Having been enhanced for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Rockstars intentions are clearly the same for the recently released consoles. Selling a whopping Three Hundred and Fifty million copies since it’s debut, Grand Theft Auto V has gone on to be one of the biggest selling entertainment pieces in history, with a supposed grouping of previous titles being remastered.

What Was Shown?

The first miniature clip is found at the eighth second mark of the trailer. One of Three lead protagonists, Trevor Phillips, is seen leaping out of a free falling vehicle above Sandy Shores, a popular Grand Theft Auto V locale. From this angle, and also due to the clips length. It is rather difficult to notice any subsequent improvements the next-generation hardware allows in such a short time span. At a quick glance, the most notable change is resolution and detail, especially on the underside of the plummeting vehicle.

Secondly, the next minuscule clip is placed at the thirty-third second mark. The segment shows Micheal De Santa, another protagonist, driving down the Los Santo’s Airport’s runway erratically. However, there is something more noticeable in this clip, in comparison to the previously revealed short gameplay. Many users on Reddit have suggested the explosive effect on the Police Officers vehicle, is one that hasn’t been seen in any of Rockstar’s fifth instalment renditions on older hardware whatsoever. This first look may be the beginning of a lengthy list of graphical/practical improvements, albeit small, this asks the question of how far Rockstar are willing to go to truly refresh their all time best selling game.

Thankfully, we haven’t got much longer to wait. Millions of fans are eagerly anticipating what kind of improvements Rockstar has got in-store for their loyal fan base. Grand Theft Auto V is currently available on Playstation and Xbox’s previous two generations, PC and is to be released on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S November Eleventh, worldwide.

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