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Could GTA V be banned in wake of tragic shooting?

| December 21, 2012

Could GTA V be banned in wake of tragic shooting? News PlayStation Xbox  Rockstar Games GTA V

As far as the general public is concerned, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has long been the poster child for video game violence. With the recent Sandy Hook shooting tragedy still fresh in the minds of the nation, politicians are looking to video games, once again, as the source of this senseless act of violence. With the release of GTA V looming in early 2013, guess who’s getting their attention?

Yep, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin is pointing at GTA V as a game that should be banned, because of violence found in it, and “what it promotes”. According to the Senator in a recent interview, Manchin says “Look at Grand Theft Auto, put out by Rockstar Games in New York City and see what it promotes. Shouldn’t that be looked into and maybe be banned?”

While Manchin wants to ban the video game, he goes on to praise the NRA (National Rifle Association) for how they’ve delt with the recent tragedy. Being that Manchin referred to the deep pocketed gun control lobbying group as his “friends”, it’s probably safe to assume that the Senator is somewhat biased in how he came to the conclusion that violent video games are at the root of this tragic event.

Assuming politicians don’t ban it, GTA V is due out this spring on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • Frank

    No lol MGS2 and GTA III came out within a month of 9/11 and that’s pretty much the worst tragedy in American history. Not saying what just happened wasn’t horrific, cause it was.

  • djmagnumb

    Fu*k these people that say video games should be banned and blamed for these tragedies.
    It’s not the games, movies, music or guns that are to blame…it’s the people that commit the crimes.

  • plasid93

    GTA under fire again. I don’t want to sound insensitive (not sure if I will), every time something like that happens GTA is always under fire.l It will always be the first to be blamed.

  • JOE

    Joe Manchin TO HELL WITH YOU!

  • Ryan

    Games (mostly GTA) are just a politicians go to, lame excuse when something bad happens because they know that they are not doing enough to help stop tragedies like this.


      They should be banning guns not games. Mass murders like the children shooting never happen in any other first world country because guns are banned.

      • obamastolemykfc

        Yeah, let’s ban guns so that the criminals still have them, while law-abiding citizens remain defenseless.


          Works for every other country

          • Mexico?


            Its funny that you are comparing America with a 3rd world country. In first world countries like Europe and Australia it has been quite effective.

          • What_a_Penis

            Europe isn’t a ‘country’ lol

          • MildOlive
          • Mez Kitsu

            No it doesn’t… The UK has a horrendous crime rate and they ban guns.

          • Richard Ellicott

            if we have a “horrendous crime rate” i certainly haven’t seen it, i certainly don’t have to worry about being shot anyway

          • Mez Kitsu

            Your violent crime rate is one of the highest in the world. ^^;

          • Jshooter

            Ot for fighting robbery, burglary NOT for gun crime as we bannnnnnned them hahahahah Fackin yamks

          • Mez Kitsu

            It does not matter in what category of crime the level is higher. The fact that other categories of crime rise where guns are taken away shows that the issue is not with guns. I am not from the USA.

        • Matt Kneale

          Or you could work to remove guns, over time, from your society so that levels of gun crime are far, far lower — and only law enforcement and the armed forces have access to them. That’s what everyone else does.

        • Ele

          actually it is, look at mexico why all this murdered people in the streets?? because only criminal had the guns.

      • winter

        a gun is a weapon, weapons don’t choose to kill, the one weilding it does and any person who who supports banning guns is stupid, sure it’ll be illegal to have a gun but since when were criminals lawabiding citizens? And if you’re banning guns why don’t you ban kitchen knifes and eating utensils while you’re at it cause I’m pretty sure someone could kill people with those as well


          You fail.

        • Guest


          Ignorance at its finest.

          You must get rid of the people who abuse other people with the “weapons”, NOT the “weapons” themselves.

        • Jjshooter

          Do you need a gun like u do utensils pretty stupid comment really

      • Mez Kitsu

        Um. No. That’s blatantly not true. There was only just a mass shooting of children in Norway.

        • pletryj22

          get your grammar correct before u go to rant on peoples shit u dumb immigrant

          • Mez Kitsu

            Um. I’m not an immigrant. And your argument doesn’t work with me. A large number of Americans travel thousands of kilometres in order to get across our borders each year because of our education and healthcare system. You are our Mexico. So be careful who you call an “immigrant” as it might backfire. What exactly was bad about my grammar?

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


            Hypocritical much?

            Racist much?

    • LPrulez54

      Exactly. It was the first truly controversial game. It distinguished for the first time from the brutally unreal kills in Mortal Kombat. Ever see a finger pointed at Saints Row? Nope.

  • Luke Caulfield

    You’re quoting the wrong interview. Manchin said that in an with WV Metro News.

  • djmagnumb

    Any game with violence/guns is blamed….bullsh*t.

  • Allen

    How about this. I will go on a shooting spree if these dumb conservative republicans ban my innocent game.

    Don’t be stupid, beating, murdering or massacring digital people is ok

    • Jake

      Well actually Joe Manchin started this anti-GTA movement so its not the Republicans…..

    • Ben

      Don’t blame the Republicans. Its your liberals that want to purify and enlighten the world.

      • djmagnumb

        No, that would be the Illuminati.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


        Typical ignorant “American” with NO knowledge of what “liberalism” is.

        Conservatism = Traditional values

        Liberalism = Freedom

        Please STFU.

    • Gayllen

      Are you like me allen?

    • steve

      Joe manchin is a democratic not a republican

  • Joe



      I am going to kill that politician. Video games do not encourage violence. Oh wait…

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        LOL :)


    • Saint Sega

      Your response alone confirms all negative stereotypes of video gamers…just a bunch of in closet, introverted, psycho AND SOCIAL PATHS!!! BAN GTA V FOREVER AND ALL VIDEO GAMERS!! OWNED!!!!! LOL!!!!

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        @Saint Sega

        NO one got owned by you.



      i’m gonna pirate the hell out of the game

  • Name

    Amazing… I bet he’s being parodied in GTAV.

  • Brevs

    Couldn’t any shooting game be banned in wake of the shooting?

  • fdsfsf

    man i will fuckin tell you i have been waiting almost 5 years for this game to appear and if some asshole was gonna banned it!

    • dick munch

      well if they ban it youll still have it lmao.

  • stop blaming the game company for what your scared to admit is the problem

  • please dont ban this great game because the republican scum party want to ban it or any other bad person

    • Brian

      He is a Democrat

      • djmagnumb

        Vote Ron Paul for President.

  • Dom

    If this ever got banned nearly every franchise will have to be banned cause it encourages the player to do something against the law, it’s a load of garbage. The parents are to blame, also movies should be taken off the shelves as well? They’re encouraging violence…. If you read this thinking that I want it to be done and want all games and movies gone you read it wrong, I’m just saying that they’re singling out GTA franchise when there are much worse games like Call Of Duty, even in Modern Warfare 2 you had to massacre innocent people and that, is much more relevant to the shooting, so what I’m saying is this guy really needs to look at the big picture, there are worse and the games don’t trigger what was done to those children, it’s their f**ked up mind.

  • yung gugu

    but they won’t ban COD, even though it makes war look cool and fun.

  • Josh L.

    I love GTA, but that being said I can barely hold a firearm in real life without getting qualms. There is no connection between video games and tragedies such as the one we saw at Sandy Hook. I do not understand why it is easier to attain a firearm then it is to receive mental healthcare in this country. There are people in this country who can’t afford or get prescribed anti-depressants, but that can swing by their local Walmart for a Bushmaster.

  • Potato

    The guy from sandy he was bullied
    Is not like he said oh gta imma go kill some dumbass 3rd graders what to soon but is true and the 9/11 thing I don’t think bin landen was playin gta 3 and said oh ala lalalala boom 9/11 happen

    • dumbass destroyer

      U r a shameful dumbass and have problems to talk about those small children

  • Ben

    They won’t politicians can barely get their heads out of their asses to do anything right anyways.

  • GD

    It’s pretty obvious GTA V will not be banned…….next……..

  • $25193756

    If they do that shit, i’m moving to Canada.

  • blab

    Heart goes out to the family’s , but GTA V is not to blame look at the movie culture some sick stuff not games

  • gregory

    banned guns no games a swear they look to bkame anything noone plays gta then goes aw let go oot ona killing spreeget a grip

  • Uchiha Madara

    Ban gta, incite world wide riots.

  • Blaze


  • Solus

    Thats the most idiotic thing i ever heard. Video games do not cause people to kill other people. GTA can help some people channel their anger, Without it they would become murderers because they cant channel their anger now. If they manage to ban GTA V then whats next Killing everyone with mental disorders because A Bi-Polar person killed someone? Its like in the 50s People said Rock caused Satanists And when i say rock i mean Elvis. Who thinks Elvis created satanists now?

    • JMW94

      Dude, chill with these fucking comments, your pissed i am to. ive written my comment and left it stop writing millions of comments..

    • JMW94

      sorry dude i was a moron everyone has the same display picture lmao, i thought you were the same guy all the way up this page hahaha my bad :)

    • djmagnumb

      I just saw Elvis the other day.

  • John

    GTA V won’t be banned, don’t worry. If gaming communities managed to hold off bans during the DooM and Columbine era, the GTA III and 9/11 era, the SA hot coffee era and the CoD and Breivik era I think we can hold off another scumbag senator trying to make a name for himself.

    I can’t wait for this guy to be “jack thompson”-ed by the world. Discarded and ridiculed.

  • Gayllen

    It would be stupid to ban this game. Like me.

  • Blas

    blame the parents for raising a fucking DEVIL! Not a game that hasn’t even been released to the public yet. come on now

    • djmagnumb

      It’s not ALWAYS the parents fault.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        Politicians are also responsible for banning.

  • Trevor

    Violence will increase if you ban GTA V!

  • Cushion Pattell

    This is quite frankly a typical knee jerk reaction from the pro-gun lobby in the US. Okay granted, there IS some element of violence in GTA. But does this promote an irresponsible use of firearms? I very much doubt it… People in the US are obsessed with keeping their antiquated “constitutional right” to “bear arms”. By removing this and updating their constitution to reflect modern society surely this would be the impetus to end the senseless slaughter of innocent people.

    I mean what kind of idiotic school teacher keeps semi-automatic military grade weapons at their home? And actually for what? To slay a burglar in the night? Come on get real Joe – its not the video games or the movies that kill but the guns that people fire for so called “sport”. Are you really that stupid? Are you seriously going to ban one of Americas finest creations because you might lose the right to carry a handgun to kill someone you disagree with? I agree with Jeremy Clarkson when he visited the US he was convinced that some people were actually mating with vegetables. I think he should include you in that Mr Manchin. Don’t you realise that simulated violence is not the same thing as actual violence? Are we going to ban showing the news reports of some oddball blasting little children away because it may give people ideas? So much for the land of the free!

    • Mez Kitsu

      Um. I’m not American, but in my country some staff at my academy and some students are armed. This has always been the way, since we teach children the safe use of firearms. We have never in our entire history ever had a mass shooting. Our monarch said that only a tyrant would not trust his own people with arms. It works fine for us. Just because it doesn’t work for America doesn’t mean you need to attack firearms. Blame the culture, not the tool. Stop blaming guns and video games and blame a culture that promotes violence instead.

  • Argonian man

    How about tougher gun laws, not tougher video game laws

  • JMW94

    Okay, So if video games are to blame, how is it that only one person goes and shoots people. over 20 million people have seen the trailers for GTA V and only one guy goes and shoots up a school. its a completely devastating event to occur. but the fact they are blaming something on a video game is pathetic. they are blaming GTA to cover up the fact that they as government officials have failed their country due to their views on gun control. what about COD? on that game you go around shooting everything in your path. for example modern warfare 2. No russian. they walked through an airport gunning down litteraly thousands of innocent people and not a fuck was given. besides. Rockstar North is based in scotland. so it wont be banned in the UK i would imagine. but they wont ban gta its just their way of blaming something other than themselves

  • Kody

    Come on man. I understand it was a tragic shooting and sadly kids lives were lost but leave gta v out of it. It’s a video game. This same situation has been brought up to many times now It’s time we get over it.

  • Ben

    No it won’t be banned – was GTA III banned after 9/11? No. Elements were changed, but they were simple things such as color schemes on police vehicles. Was KMFDM banned after Columbine? Again, no. GTA V will not be banned – even if there was pressure for a ban, Rockstar Games has the full right to publish what it pleases as long as it does not harm a minority group, cause violence, or spread hate-speech under clear and defined Constitutional terms. Morons may point their finger at a video game that has not yet been released and say “you caused this!” or they may point their finger at a musician, or television show, or a company (think H&K) and blame them, but in all reality a series of misfortunes, idiocy, and mental illness caused the death of nearly thirty people.

    Grand Theft Auto V will not be banned.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      It is a video game, anything can be in it, even things that politicians hate.

  • tp3po

    If you were to ban this you are saying all killing will stop. No. People lose it some times its a tragedy for both the sick people hurting other people and the victims. I know it is easy to call the shooters sick and evil but they weren’t always like that.something besides a dam fictional video game triggered it like abuse by parents or drugs. I mean I ain’t sticking up for the shooters at all I’m just saying people lose it. It sucks but it will always happen no matter what is banned. Get uswd to it. All my prayed and sympathy goes out to the shooters family and the precious kids that were sent to live in heaven.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Heaven does NOT exist. Religion gives you FALSE hope. The “Americans” should have listened to the SCIENTISTS, so that the SCIENTISTS can use “Cryonics”. The bodies will be preserved mainly in liquefied “Nitrogen”. “Nitrogen” is quite inert, so that the “human bodies” and the “data” in the “human brain” will be how it was before. Then when the appropriate time arrives, when there is new technology, you can use that to revive the “human bodies” and its associated “human brains”, with it being almost the same as before.

      When it comes to religion, people say prayers to an malevolent and imaginary character and they might deceive you. Then the “human bodies” and “human brains” die and they decay. They try hard to convince you that they have “souls” and that they will be in heaven, but in reality, NOTHING happens. Religion is a LIE.

  • Brian

    Wow I will go around house by house gathering signatures for videogames not to be banned. What a dumbass.

    • djmagnumb

      I’ll sign.

  • djmagnumb

    What do you think Tommy Vercetti or Niko Bellic would say about this article?

    • Jamel Frazier

      Knowing them both, they’d go kill him in a New York minute.

      • djmagnumb

        Actually, knowing Niko and his struggling identity crisis he’d say, “No, I won’t kill him I’m not a murderer…”, then after thinking for a minute he’d say, “Okay, but I’ll only do it if the pay is good.”

        • Jamel Frazier

          So true!

  • David

    What a low Uneducated statement that Dumb politician made! Ive been playing gta since i was 7 and am 18 now never have i once have has a thought about do harm to anyone , well maybe my math Teacher, do you know how crazy that sounds its like, mom i just finish playing gta am ready to rod the bank lets fucking do this shit! Jesus fucking Christ give us a Break Hundreds of thousands of people have been waiting a long time for this game to come about, blame it on the crazy ass movies and Adderall!!!

  • Alex v.

    You legally can’t ban a video game. The supreme court ruled it as free speech. This article is useless and there is no need to worry.

    • Stupid Biased Government

      The government can always ‘Change the rules’ if they feel it is necessary -.-

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        And since “United States of America” is religious/politically conservative, it is even more likely that ENTERTAINMENT AND SCIENCE would be gone from the “United States of America”, due to the “government” announcing a “new” law.

  • K-Strizzy

    The game is clearly stated to be intended for people ages 17 and up. A parrnt who buys their kid the game is to be blamed. Not the game. And I don’t think violent video games cause anything like this to happen anyway. The ratio of kids who play violent games and don’t repeat the acts simulated compared to those who do is too outstanding. So fuck off government. Bitches.

  • Tyler

    Stop blaming inanimate objects. Blame the parents for not properly raising their kids. Don’t ban anything. If you don’t like it don’t buy it.

  • rob

    Their just looking for something to blame. They’ll try anything that will seem like like a solution to the problem regardless if it is or not.

  • mcdaddydonalds

    i had a weird feeling i wasnt going to get to play this

  • Well we should ban games, and movies, and the bible, books, people telling stories, oh any war remembera ce, cartoons, tv show, some board games like risk, Nerf guns paintball, airsoft, just get rid of the military bc all of that could be confused with violence. Not parents, education or gun laws.

  • I actually aplay these games to release built up anger and not take it out on real people

  • Banana Republic

    Next he should blame Race games for road accidents. And it will fill the remaining vaccum of his inanity.

    • Beans

      He’ll probably just lump that with shootings and blame it all on GTA.

    • djmagnumb

      I blame Tetris for making me OCD.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Mark

    No, it wont be banned and you know it.

  • Matty

    Always said Rockstar North should of stuck to thier traditional October release date an brought it out October 2012! lol
    Its really simple, kids and the mentally ill should NOT be allowed to play adult videogames, and neither of them should have access to guns either.

    • Beans

      I agree, they should’ve brought it out before it was finished.

      • Jamel Frazier

        Lol I saw what you did there.

      • Muppet

        It was finished ages ago, they just held off a 2012 release because so many AAA titels came out between October to December, they wanted the whole market to themselves.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Did you just go “brain dead”?, By saying that others are NOT allowed to play so-called “adult” video games, you proved that you are a hypocrite. You are stuck in a trap set by the politician. People want freedom/equality, not more religious/politically conservative SHIT.

      Politician = Religious/Politically Conservative

      Liberal = Freedom

  • Balls

    Funny thing is GTA is british game franchise and the Brits and many other countries wont ban it, if a ban happens it will only be banned in America. Sucks to be American right now!

    • Jamel Frazier

      Well I have a PS3, and PS3 is region free sooooooooooooooooo……………………………………………

    • djmagnumb

      It never sucks to be American….WAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!

    • John

      Not true. Not true at all. Only some of the GTA games were developed in Britain and all of them were published by the American Rockstar.

  • Canvas

    No.. No… Noo… Noooo…. Nooooo NOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting too long and patiently… it cannot be banned now… it can’t

  • Luke Jones

    Second ammendment. GTA hasn’t got shit on that

  • Dennis

    hey yeah great idea ban video games but i have a favor while ur at it can you ban sombodies right to think freely and what they do becuase i have a confession this neighbor of mine is a free thinking patriot who i think should be silenced becuase he believe in the constituion and i think banning his right to freedom would be appropriat becuase hell come on its nota free country right the game came out of that gun not a bullet but a video game right? omg stupid people use common sense video games maybe played a part but seriously whats next taking away what we eat oh wait ??? they did that its called coruption if u do this u will not only be diverting the real problem but your gunna cuase a civil war am i right take away to much and you have a problem a serious problem people this wouldnt be america if they did that it be a literal definition of a prison state oh wait it already is wheres the rebellion god people are stupid they are silencing us and causinga rebellion which was orginally designed to happen if this happened but they too are making a rebellion impossible they know its coming and there taking away our guns just to silence us freedom isent corruption which we have we given up our rights for corruption of our beloved america america the great america no longer even exists becuase they silenced us and slowly they are going to control us look at the drones indevolopment all a way to say were slaves and guess what im nota slave ima free person bring back the orginal america not the coperate greed take over….

  • Mike

    Right…Because every person who plays GTA immediately thinks its ok to blow up hookers with rpg’s…..

    • djmagnumb

      I disagree, I don’t think it’s ok to blow up hookers with rpg’s…you have to use molotov cocktails and ignite them.

  • JJF93

    Fucking politicians, always trying to blame a mass shooting on video games when there’s no link or proof to prove their accusations.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      The politicians’ main goal is to eradicate the “humans”.

  • Billy

    They will ban it in America but knowehere else. Its a British game so Britain will still release it no probs.

    • djmagnumb

      The British are coming!

    • John

      It’s not a British game, idiot

      • Muppet

        GTA games are made at Rockstar NORTH in Britain (Scotland) They were also inveted by a British man (David Jones)

      • peter

        All Grand Theft Auto games are British. All the main Grand Theft Autos are made at Rockstar North in the UK, the all portable versions are made at Rockstar Leeds in the UK.
        Dan and Sam Houser only opened Rockstars ‘head office’ in New York, no games are made in New York.
        Rockstar North make all Grand Theft Auto Games and Manhunts and Bully
        Rockstar San Dieago in the US make Red Dead and Midnight Club
        Rockastar Toronto in Canada make Max Payne along with Rockstar London, they also port GTA over to the PC.
        There are many different Rockstar Divisions all over the world, but the most are in the UK, there are 4 Rockstars in the UK, Rockstar North, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar Loncoln and Rockstar London.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


      “United Kingdom”


  • Nick

    Okay. First of all, that game is for 17+ year old players or mostly anybody who could be trusted to play it. They would have to be stupid to ban it. That means they would have to ban, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Borderlands, Far Cry, Gears of War, Hitman, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, and mostly every action/adventure tv show, game, and movie there is to mankind. These things are meant for entertainment. They are made for people to handle it. I’m pretty sure the person responsible for the shooting the other day had mental issues. Second of all, his parents were supposed to be held responsible for what he should have been getting in to. They got him involved in guns. They had them laying around the house. They took him to firing ranges. If all of what I heard and just restated is true, then video games were not the cause. Politicians would be stupid to ban Grand Theft Auto. Especially since it isn’t the only thing that has killing in it. Lastly, mostly every gamer I know has shooting games. If they were to ban shooting games, we would have a lot of angry people who bought Xbox and Playstation consoles for no reason. Not to mention all of the video game stores that would go out of business. That would mean even less jobs in our country. I don’t think we need that right now…

    • 23

      yep, companies like Sony and Microsoft would lose millions of dollars and might declare bankruptcy.

      • Paul

        Actually, all the development studios in CA, MD, VA, and so on and so on would loose money or have to close, not just MS and Sony.

  • condog

    its an 18 for a fucking reason….

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      …and AGE has no relation to MATURITY.

  • Fuckin’ Politicians are Gay

    If they decide they will definitely ban GTA V I’m likely to punch a hole in the fucking dry wall

  • $26650878

    They better not ban it. If that’s the case, ban call of duty and every other 1st/3rd person shooter gamer out there.

  • Yung_Mez

    I am pretty sure nowhere in none of the GTA series has there been a point to where any of the characters have shot any kids in the game do not blame GTA for the sick shit people in this world do, do u blame Need for Speed when there a people dieing in Car crash every other day, if this game is banned I will be highly upset

  • Alexis

    LOL it has not even come out and its already gotten blamed. Watch it be the most controversial game of 2013

    • djmagnumb

      I would have to agree with you there.

  • Joey

    why does it always have to be GTA that always have the problems

  • djmagnumb

    If they ban GTA where else are we gonna see a Statue of Liberty with a beating heart?

  • Mr Know it All


    • Mez Kitsu

      o.0 Aren’t you just making the same argument the politician is making? You’re blaming something that has nothing to do with it. Video games don’t cause violence, and neither do firearms. Violence is caused by human factors not tools or objects.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Sean

    So does this mean we should ban violent movies and tv shows too? Yeah that movie and or video game totally made me murder little jimmy last night….

  • Kal

    So instead of doing something about gun control, they want to control the game industry now. Well Done America always blaming their problems on something else

  • Carlos Rico

    violent video games allow stress to be relived on VIRTUAL people. Killing virtual people hurts no one. People who do it in real life should just buy this game and kill people on the game. This does the opposite of making people kill. Ban this game, and i will protest for it back.

  • ohmzoly

    I don’t normally comment on these things but this wound me up. The us government need to get a fuckin grip. Ban the fact that everyone can have a firearm!

  • Pavel Radev


    • Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


    • djmagnumb

      I’m with you William Wallace!

  • djmagnumb

    Some new screenshots of GTA V got posted. If no one has seen them yet here they are.
    I uploaded one of them and the rest are in the link below. Shaarrrkkk!!!

  • i swear if they banned this game all should start a riot and kill that stupid fucker

  • mrhertz

    videogames dont kill people….. people with GUNS kill people.

    go sniff your shit in somewhere else, senator. f *u*ck it !!!!

    im 100% sure you can find totally deeper shit inside his sponsors´ pockets… the bloodiest money that a whole gta franchise wont ever beat it.

  • winter

    Video games aren’t the problem and neither are guns,name one person who went crazy and started rampaging because of a video gamee. And I’ve never seen a gun up and shoot someone by itself, my gun has never done that. Gta is just entertainment.

  • Jason

    GTA being blamed for another tragedy? What a shocker… What would be news is if people started looking for actual reasons. Bullying and abuse just to name a couple.

  • i will be pissed if gets banned

  • Red1024

    The killer just happened to play video games because it’s a common thing nowadays! While we’re here, Adolf Hitler wore pants. We should all stop wearing pants.

  • BBB3

    It may get banned in the future but no way this one gets banned. Just no way to get it done that quick. I can for sure see them getting banned in the future though.

  • aint nobody got time for this

    if a person sues a shooting game for making them shoot people then they are not MATURE enough to play the games.
    just saying.

  • RathfordTheRude

    LOL Jack Thompson.

  • Mick

    The best way to decrease the amount of shootings is to ban guns. Banning a video game won’t solve anything. And besides, GTA V is going to be siiiiiick!

  • Joseph Redfield

    The sandy hook killer also ate food everyday , so should they ban food ? . GTA is a best-selling franchise and even Barrack Obama himself said he’s a huge fan of the game, and if they happen to ban it, i am going on strike (or get it from the UK) .


    okay, you can ban it from the us. BUT YOU CAN’T BAN IT FROM OTHER COUNTRIES BITCHES!!

  • Nightcaper

    It won’t be banned. You couldn’t even comprehend the resulting widespread shitstorm that would occur from doing that, he’s just blowing wind and pointing fingers. It’s a waste of time to even acknowledge his comment because it’s never going to happen.

  • I am not in anyway trying to make Americans dumb, but i never thought a US Senate should say such a foolish thing. If you ban GTA V, you should Ban all shooting games like Call of duty and Battlefield. Joe Manchin should be ashamed of himslef for trying to get publicty through a hard time like this. You should never have used such a situation to yourself. I hope you see this and understand that your an old moron, that has no brains per say. This kind of a situation develops because of a persons background, not that he played violent games, If you watch expendables or any other movie like Rambo wouldnt that promote the killer feeling? You hold a joystick for godsake not a real gun or a knife in your hand when playing video games My personnel point of view about you is an idiot running for the US senate. GODBLESSAMERICA for having old rejects like him…..!

  • Bandwagon

    This happens every time GTA is released, usually spearheaded by someone who has never played the game. It never gets banned, it never will. These people are ridiculous, can we please stop giving them press time.

  • Evangelion–

    What a waste of time and money trying to ban the game the fact the kids get to play these games are all on the parents and many people at the stores could lose there jobs for selling these games to minors

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Ignorant religious/politically conservative moron are trying to get everything censored.
    Why is that?
    They are mad that I play “Grand Theft Auto”, LOL!!!!

    “Nintendo” gamers, “Sony” gamers and “Microsoft” gamers should ignore them.

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Anonymouse

    Did anyone look at that link he posted? I was hoping to use this as a counter-argument in a college paper, but nowhere in that interview did he mention GTA.

  • Blindout

    i’m pretty sure GTA isnt even that violent of a game, i mean you can shoot people in call of duty, blow people up in fallout 3, fallout new vegas. how is gta to blame? do these people smoke crack?

  • Nathan

    People, don’t kill people. People with guns kill people

  • jax

    Joe Manchin, if u really want to make a difference, then squeeze Rockstar into getting all the 10 year olds and other annoying underage gamers off playing games like GTA 5, ….please!!

  • SandyHookHoax

    Hey intelligent people… sandy hook was a staged event. Watch this if you don’t believe… You’ve been duped!

    So yea ban a game for something that didn’t even happen, makes perfect sense!

  • McGooSkyxLeGaCY

    Immature people playing it. You should have to take an IQ test to buy it and not to be those parents buying it for their children thats irresponsible af.

  • Psyrecx

    The only thing that games like Grand Theft Auto promotes is stupidity and ignorance in those who don’t play them, yet feel they have a valid opinion in regards to them.

  • aaron

    I love gta5

  • pj US

    good luck trying to ban GTA lmfao…..just good freaking luck doing that