Attack of the Fanboy

GTA V features over 700 missions in Online Mode

by William Schwartz


GTA Online was just recently showed off for the world to see. The ambitious new online offering from Rockstar for GTA V has certainly seen its share of praise from excited fans, and GTA community at large.

But just how big is GTA Online? According to a recent interview with Leslie Benzies, The GTA V Online Mode features over 700 missions. According to Benzies, “I think there are about 700 missions at this time. We hope you have 500 always available, and are renewed continuously. You can also go to the Rockstar Social Club and get off more missions. So you can connect and download any play missions to populate your world online, both from friends and from other users.”

Not that there’s any reason to be, but IF, you were worried about their being a lack of activities and missions to complete in GTA V, it looks like your concerns are misplaced. 700 missions could take quite a while, once the game’s online mode arrives, that is.

GTA Online will not arrive side by side with GTA V on September 17th. The GTA Online Mode release date is slated for October 1st.

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