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GTA V Misses No. 1 Spot in Japanese Charts

by William Schwartz


Pikachu is up there for a reason – Grand Theft Auto V has missed the top spot with its Japanese debut this week, being beaten by Pokémon X and Y.

Pokémon sold 1,940,204 copies this week in Japan – GTA shifted 341,400

Despite making over $1 billion in three days globally, it hasn’t beaten Pokémon in its debut on the island known for its affiliation with yellow pocket monster.

Pokémon sold 1,940,204 copies this week in Japan – GTA shifted 341,400. That’s quite a difference.

Whilst sales aren’t terrible, imported copies, and a region far more interested in Pokemon have probably led to the gulf that exists in its week one sales figures.

This doesn’t mean its done badly; Pokémon is selling more this week globally than GTA V is, but both came out last week in Japan.

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