GTA Online Heists Causing Server Issues, Many Can’t Connect

by Kyle Hanson

UPDATE 2: Problems seem to be resurfacing at this time. Most reports are coming from PS4 owners.

UPDATE: The issues seem to have cleared up for most players at this time.

Many sources are reporting that the servers for GTA Online are either down or experiencing issues as heavy traffic floods in to try out the new GTA Online Heists. It seems that the excitement for the newly added mode was a bit too much for Rockstar to handle, most likely due to the many delays that pushed GTA Online Heists into it’s current 2015 launch. So far there has been no delineation made between issues on PSN and Xbox Live, indicating that both are affected and that the problem is on Rockstar’s side, and not Sony or Microsoft’s.

GTA Online Heists have been one of the most highly anticipated features of GTA V since it’s original announcement trailer hit. Fans were excited to see how this mode would turn out, especially since it promised a major shift in the way most players play Grand Theft Auto. The heists in the single player campaign were very well received, but the online versions ended up being famously pushed back on multiple occasions.

Rockstar remained very quiet on the feature, which of course garnered a lot of fan anger, but eventually they revealed the March 10th launch date that we have today. Apparently the delay was made to fine tune the mode to Rockstar’s liking. The GTA Online Heists that we can play today are quite different than those originally intended, but Rockstar feels they are much better. If you’re able to get in and try them out then be sure to let us know in the comments what you think. Hopefully the current server issues will be cleared up soon.

- This article was updated on March 11th, 2015