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GTA Online Keeps the Double RP and GTA$ Flowing This Week with the Humane Labs Heist

by Kyle Hanson


Rockstar has been throwing out double RP and GTA$ like crazy this month, with the July 4th celebration leading into last weekend’s Prison Break Heist. This week continues the fun with the Humane Labs Raid Heist taking the stage.

All week long, going from today until July 26th, players will receive double the usual RP (experience) and GTA$ when playing through the GTA Online Humane Labs Raid Heist. “The double GTA$ bonus extends to the Elite Challenges for the Humane Labs Raid,” reads the announcement. “So don’t forget to Crew up and focus your efforts on completing the finale in 11:00 flat, not damaging your vehicles and making sure everyone gets out alive.”

And just like last weekend’s double RP event, the GTA Online Heist isn’t the only place to grab that extra experience. All of the following activities will pay out with double the usual RP, but the same amount of cash: Plane Takedown , Flight School, Destroy Vehicle Targets, Complete a Gang Attack, Deliver an Export Vehicle to Simeon, Parachuting, Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds, Kill an Enemy Within First 30 seconds, Vehicle Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds of Each Other, Kill an Enemy Within First 60 seconds, Get a Killstreak, Get First Kill.

Other special things will be coming to GTA Online this week, including discounted weapons and items. Keep checking back for any possible updates as the week progresses.

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