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GTA Online going offline for maintenance

by William Schwartz


Grand Theft Auto V’s GTA Online component will be taken offline for maintenance on January 15th, and could last up to 24 hours. No word on exactly why the game needs to be taken offline for this extended period, but here’s hoping that there will be new features to the mode when it returns.

Grand Theft Auto Online will be down for maintenance beginning tonight at 9PM Eastern Time [6PM Pacific Time] through tomorrow, Thursday January 16th. We expect to be back up within 24 hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.

GTA Online hacked bounties and mods have left many entertprising players with coffers full of cash. So many are speculating that this is an emergency update to get the economy right. The developer recently issued an update that was targeted at patching these exploits.

Then again, GTA Online players are also still waiting for online heists as well. We’ll have to wait and see if there any noteworthy changes to the game when GTA Online resumes on January 16th.

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