GTA V’s First Mods Have Already Arrived

by AOTF Staff

GTA V has only been out on PC for about two days and already the first set of mods has appeared online. The first mod is a simple one, but it adds a feature to the game that nearly every PC gamer desires. DrDaxxy posted his FOV mod on Reddit, effectively letting players overcome the restrictive field of view options for first-person gameplay. At this time, it only alters the on-foot camera and does not extend to driving.

The next mod bestows the player with ultimate destructive capabilities via infinite health and ammo. Sure, variations of these cheats can be activated through other in-game means, but activating them through this tweak provides a much more robust offering. Unlike the infinite health cheat, this mod isn’t limited to a five-minute interval. As for the extent of the infinite ammo portion of the mod, rampages won’t even be interrupted by reloading.

It is worth pointing out that these mods are capable of impacting GTA Online. The infinite ammo/health will obviously be an issue if carried over into the online multiplayer environment. As for the FOV mod, we currently don’t know how strict Rockstar is going to be regarding the presence of modified files in GTA Online. It may be best to wait and see how the developer responds in the coming days before risking ending up on the receiving end of any punishment.

This is only the beginning, guys. GTA V is sure to see a flood of mods in the very near future (fingers crossed for some superhero options soon) and we’ll be sure to inform you of any notable ones that hit the scene.