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The Last Guardian is currently being re-engineered

by William Schwartz


The Last Guardian is still in development at SCE Japan Studio. Its troubled development has left more questions than answers about the project, but recently Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida cleared the air on The Last Guardian and whether the game was actually “on hiatus”.

“The Last Guardian is being re-engineered”

“Hiatus, I never… It was Jack Tretton!” Yoshida told Games Industry in a recent interview. “He used that term, and I said no, hiatus is misleading. It was a hiatus in terms of releasing new information. The game has never stopped – the team has always been here. They’re going through the re-engineering of the game, so the team size is smaller, because it’s more engineering focused right now.”

While Yoshida wouldn’t reveal whether the game was coming to the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 he did say that Sony was waiting for the right time to “re-introduce” the game to fans. “We’re waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian in an appropriate way. The game is in development, and it’s well staffed, and Ueda-san is here, working.”

The Last Guardian was introduced all the way back at E3 2009. It was expected arrive before the PlayStation 4.

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