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Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King update arriving shortly

by William Schwartz


ArenaNet is getting in the Halloween spirit with a new update hitting Guild Wars 2 in October. Titled Shadow of the Mad King, this update will include four new acts that will all be themed for the holiday.

Shadow of the Mad King will be the first major content update for Guild Wars 2, and will go live on October 22nd. The update includes “a number of new features”, over on the Guild Wars page dedicated to the upcoming release, some notable features of the content include new items stocked at the Black Lion Trading Company, PvP Paid Tournaments with better prizes, and an evolving Tyria with new events, puzles, bosses, and mini-dungeons.

Look for the Shadow of the Mad King update later in October, and see Tyria transformed with decorations from October 22nd through the 31st.

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