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Gungrave VR Gets a New Trailer Ahead of Japanese Launch

by Jose Belmonte


There are only a few days left until Gungrave returns to the Japanese stores with a PSVR game, and developers Iggymob and Blueside have shared a new preview that shows plenty of action. The video features a minute of gameplay footage that clearly states the game’s focus on offering a non-stop action experience. Players will have access to a wide variety of weapons, and will exchange first-person shootings with sequences in third-person view in order to show special moves in greater detail.

Gungrave VR is an optimized version of the classic PS2 game, offering story content that also includes the sequel Gungrave: Overdose, and more. The story follows the protagonist Grave as he seeks revenge from the man who killed him. It is set in a city overrun by crime and controlled by the mysterious Millenium organization.

While the game is launching in Japan very soon, it still doesn’t have a release date for Western markets. However, the game will be playable for all visitors of the upcoming PlayStation Experience on December 10-11, so it is possible that we get more news then.

Gungrave VR launches for PSVR in Japan on December 14. Watch the new trailer below.

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