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Halo 4 Achievements revealed

by William Schwartz


343 Industries has revealed the full achievment list for Halo 4. The developer says that their goal with the achievements for Halo 4 was to encourage players to both explore the many game modes in Halo 4, and tackle the numerous difficulty levels in the game. Long time Halo fans will recognize some achievements from previous games, and 343 Industries has also stuck to tradition in naming some of them with off-the-wall titles.

Of course, if you are looking forward to a spoiler-free Halo 4 experience this November, you should probably look away. While the spoilers below are minimal, the achivements will give you a hint at how long the game is, and where the campaign of Halo 4 will take you.

Halo 4 is due out in early November, exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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