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New Halo 4 characters revealed in toy showcase


A new series of Halo 4 toys are on the way from McFarlane, and they’ve got some characters that we’ve yet to be introduced to.  The series of images comes alongside descriptions for each, so you can definitely familiarize yourself if you aren’t already.

This roster in the Series 2 line of Halo figures from McFarlane features Commander Thomas Laskey.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him, and he could be playing a large role in the Halo 4 story.  He’s been featured in the Forward Unto Dawn web series, as well as the Halo 4 trailer from E3 2012.  We’ll likely be seeing more of Laskey come November, as well as these characters and variations depicted in the toy lineup.

This second series of figures for Halo 4 is said to be releasing this January, a couple months after Halo 4’s exclusive arrival on the Xbox 360.

Master Chief with the Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920 (ARC-920) Railgun

Our latest action figure of John-117, the Master Chief, features an all-new weapon, debuting for the first time in Halo 4: the Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920; better known as the Railgun. The ARC-920 Railgun is a compact-channel linear accelerator that fires a high-explosive round at incredible speed, delivering both kinetic and explosive force to hard and soft targets alike. As an added bonus, the Master Chief also comes with a free Micro Ops figure of Cortana. Perfectly in scale with our other Micro Ops figures, Cortana also works as an accessory to our standard six-inch figures. Cortana can be removed from her base and held in a figures hand, just as shes often seen throughout the Halo video game series!

Commander Thomas Laskey

A senior officer of the UNSC Infinity, Commander Thomas Lasky was first introduced to Halo fans in the live-action series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Our Lasky figure represents the officer as he appears in the video game Halo 4; in a UNSC fleet officers uniform, armed with the standard Magnum sidearm. Pistol fits in figures holster, and is removable.

Elite Ranger

The Elites are back in Halo 4, including the popular Ranger variant as depicted in Halo: Reach. Elite Rangers feature a fully-sealed environment suit and an airtight helmet with clear visor; perfect for extra-vehicular activity in the vacuum of space. Our Elite Ranger figure comes with the redesigned, Halo 4 version of the Beam Rifle.

Storm Jackal

The Kig-Yar, commonly known as Jackals, return in Halo 4 as part of the alien Covenant that continues to threaten humanity and the UNSC. The Storm Jackal features the new, more reptilian look seen in Halo 4. Figure includes the redesigned version of the Covenant Carbine weapon

Spartan Scout (Team Orange)

The fan-favorite Scout armor, previously seen in both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, returns in an updated, yet instantly recognizable form for the Spartan-IVs of the UNSC Infinity in Halo 4. Our Spartan Scout figure features an orange paint scheme, and comes equipped with the new Sticky Detonator weapon; previously only available with the Master Chief in the UNSC Cryotube boxed set.

Spartan C.I.O. (Team Purple)

An all-NEW Spartan armor type making its debut in Halo 4, the Spartan C.I.O. is instantly recognizable by its distinctive helmet with three optical sensors. This brand-new Spartan figure is clad in purple armor and comes with the latest version of the Designated Marksman Rifle, a popular mid-range UNSC weapon first introduced in Halo: Reach.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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