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Halo 5 will not be coming to the Xbox 360


Halo 5: Guardians will not be coming to the Xbox 360. The surprise announcement of the next installment in the Halo series came last week out of thin air, one that many thought Microsoft would hold back for E3. While we now know that the game will be a 2015 release, it’s been confirmed that it will be an Xbox One exclusive, with no Xbox 360 release in the works.

Some possible reasons why Halo 5: Guardians isn’t coming to Xbox 360, could be that the “brand new and more powerful engine” are too much for the nearly nine year old hardware. The recent Halo 5 announcement peg the game as an ambitious project that takes “full advantage of the Xbox One.” That said, the game is being completely built from the ground up on for the console, which means it’ll take advantage of the increased memory and graphics capability.

Right now, there’s no telling what’s in store for Halo fans on the Xbox 360 going forward. There’s rumored to be a Halo: Master Chief Collection of games coming to the Xbox One this fall, and it hasn’t been clarified or confirmed whether this will be an Xbox 360 release as well — if it turns out to be true at all.

With E3 2014 just a few weeks away, the future of Halo is sure to be made clear. Though it looks like Halo 5 will not release on the Xbox 360.

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