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Halo 5 Quidditch Custom Game Is Quite The Spin On Grifball

by Scott Grill


Did you ever look at Halo 5’s Grifball and think, “I’d like to see this as Quidditch from the Harry Potter books and movies.” Your wish has been granted as one industrious Forge user has created an interesting mash-up between the first-person shooter and somewhat violent game of wizards.

Like Grifball, the Halo 5 Quidditch map starts with a ball in the middle and players equipped with Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords. The difference is, obviously, the arena featuring the three Quidditch hoops on either side plus stands straight out of the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Gravity in the game has also been modified to allow players to jump and fly around. Thrusters and Ground Pound suddenly result in some extreme aerial moves as a result.

The Quidditch Arena map was created by xXHugabearXx using Forge and is available to download from Halo Waypoint along with the Quidditch game mode. You can subscribe to both the map and mode from there and it will automatically be downloaded and available to play the next time you fire up a Halo 5. Go to custom multiplayer, select Map, then go to your bookmarks and select “Quidditch Arena.” Then select Mode, go to your bookmarks and select “Quidditch.”

Hat tip to TheOneRT for on Reddit for pointing this out.

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