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Halo 5 REQ Pack Microtransactions Raise Championship Prize to $1.7 Million

by Kyle Hanson


The Halo World Championship prize pool has hit $1.7 million with it continuing to rise on its way to the December 6th start of the season. The prize pool started at $1 million, with a portion of all REQ pack purchases inside of Halo 5 going toward raising the purse. This means at least $700,000 worth of REQ packs have been purchased, with the likelihood of far more being spent on the microtransaction packs.

This is because only a portion of each purchase goes toward the prize pool. The rest goes to Microsoft and 343 Industries, who have pledged to keep all map DLC free thanks to the money made via these microtransactions.

343i explained the way it works, saying “Fans have always made Halo better, with input and creativity, but now for the first time in Halo esports history, they have the opportunity to contribute directly to the $1 million Halo World Championship prize pool and help grow it to epic proportions. A portion of all REQ packs purchased with real-money in Halo 5: Guardians goes to crowdfunding the tournament prize pool. We started at $1 million, and thanks to the passion and generosity of the Halo community, we are excited to announce that fan activity has officially generated over $700K to the fund, and it continues to grow until the World Championships in March 2016. Can we hit $2 million? Let’s go!”

The Halo World Championship will feature 16 teams from around the globe competing in Halo 5’s Arena style multiplayer. The tournament begins on December 6th and runs until the finals on March 19th and 20th. For more details and a full breakdown of all the teams involved click here.

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