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Halo 5’s Huge Forge Update Hits This Week – New REQs, Maps, and More

by Kyle Hanson


Halo 5: Guardians certainly launched to pretty widespread acclaim and enjoyment among the gaming community. After some troubling times, the Halo series had returned to its stellar form, at least where multiplayer was concerned. However, a few things were missing from the formula. Big Team Battle was added shortly afterward, expanding the gameplay options, but Forge, the map creation suite, was still absent. That changes this week though with the Halo 5 “Cartographer’s Gift” update.

This massive update brings the newest iteration of Forge to the Halo 5 experience, giving players the ability to craft their own levels, and reshape the maps to their tastes. This new Forge was built from the ground up for Halo 5, largely based on requests and other feedback from the community. Expect to see some huge changes to the Forge mode this time around.

These include 1700 individual objects to be used, grouping of items for easier management, the ability to select and edit large numbers of items, and many different visual options. “In addition to over 100 colors available, the vast majority of the Forge building pieces have tunable primary, secondary, and tertiary color change sections on them. This allows objects color variations from the blatantly oblivious to very subtle. Many also support changing the matte/metallic reflective properties of the color surface as well.”

That’s not all that’s contained in Halo 5’s “Cartographer’s Gift” update though. You’ll also receive a new Arena map called Overgrowth, a new Warzone map called Battle of Noctus, two new Big Team Battle maps, unranked social playlists, and a bunch of new REQ items. These include a new assassination, new weapons, and the Mark IV Generation 1 classic style Halo armor.

The release of this update to Halo 5 also concludes the “pre-season” period, so if you want the best REQ pack you’l want to get in and rank up a few notches. This will begin Season One of Halo’s online competitive mode, so it’s all serious stuff now.

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