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Halo Wars 2 Will Introduce “Completely New Way To Play” For RTS Genre

by Dean James


Halo Wars 2 was first announced just over a year ago at Gamescom 2015 after many rumors of its existence for awhile before that. We’ve already had one beta for the game, but it appears there is still plenty more to the game as something completely new is being teased about the game.

During a panel at PAX West this weekend with 343 Industries, we got to see a lot more of Halo Wars 2.

According to GameSpot, 343’s studio head Dan Ayoub said the game would feature something that is a “completely new way” to play an RTS game.

“One of the modes, which I can only tease for the time being, is actually a completely new way to play a RTS. It really takes standard RTS gameplay and turns it on its head. And that’s a mode that can be played in a shorter time frame as well, like five, six, seven minutes.”

This new game mode definitely sounds rather intriguing in that it will allow players to just pick up the controller and play quick matches, similar to how any regular Halo game would be. RTS games often struggle to get casual players for this reason, so hopefully having an option like this will really make Halo Wars 2 a success.

Halo Wars 2 will be releasing for Xbox One and Windows 10 on February 21, 2017.

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