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Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Arrives on Windows 10 and Steam on April 20th

by Al McCarthy


Halo Wars: The Definitive Edition is slated to arrive on PC later this week on April 20th.  The game which launched on Xbox One a few months back as an “early access” perk for those who pre-ordered Halo Wars 2 will see its debut on PC with this release.

The remastered version of Ensemble’s 2009 release has brought forward some marginal visual improvements over the original.  While at the same time has seen some things pulled from the game like multiplayer matchmaking.

Launching on Steam should give this game a larger audience, though it’s unclear how many PC gamers are pining for this eight year old title.  The campaign in the original Halo Wars is certainly worth the price of admission for fans of Halo, and the remastered visuals definitely bring it up to speed with current RTS titles.

The bulk of the value should come out of multiplayer, but it’s going to take people actually buying the game to build a pool of community players to play with.  The Xbox One version of Halo Wars: Remastered, which has been out for a few months now, has a very small community.  With no matchmaking it’s pretty hard to find a game most of the time.

It’s likely that most of that player base has moved on to Halo Wars 2.

Regardless, if you’ve been waiting for Halo Wars on PC, that day finally arrives on April 20th.

Update:  While not explicitly stated, it sounds like the game will be available for purchase on the Xbox One as well as a standalone product.  It was previously only available if you had already purchased the Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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