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Halo World Championships Trolled By Asian Qualifier Team

by Scott Grill


The Halo World Championship Series for Halo 5 ran into a bit of an unfortunate, yet slightly humorous incident, Saturday during the Asian qualifiers. One team competing in the tournament for the Xbox One exclusive had no intention of trying to reach the championship tournament and compete for the two million dollar prize pool. Instead, they were out to troll the tournament.

Team Mi Seng reached the semifinal round in the third Asian Halo WCS qualifier to face number one seed ROChavefun. There wasn’t much fun to be had though as Mi Seng took advantage of glitches on the Coliseum map to go completely outside of the map during a Slayer match with a slight 26-25 lead.

With all four members of Team Mi Seng outside of the map, ROChavefun had no way of getting any additional kills and gaining a lead. Obviously, this led to the disqualification of Mi Seng and its opponent moved on to the finals where it lost to Impressive.

This was pointed out by Reddit user raost and captured by YouTube user bobman212.

To understand the extent of this troll job at the Halo World Championship, take a moment to sound out the name of Team Mi Seng. That’s right, it sounds out as “Missing.” Meanwhile, members of the squad have names like Hai Deng (Hiding) and Chi Teng (Cheating).

The giveaway though is Ai Chel Ji, which sounds out to HLG. That is short for Hidden League Gaming. A group of Halo players known for using map glitches to hide in any sort of ranked match.

The good news is this took place in a little viewed Asian qualifier for the Halo WCS. 343 Industries and its eSports partners will have to review how this team was allowed to troll the tournament though and try to prevent it in the future.

[Image via Halo Waypoint]

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