Halo:Reach Data Pad Locations

by AOTF Staff

So you think you’ve done everything to do in the Halo Reach campaign?  Have you found all of the games hidden Data pads scattered across the war-torn planet?  Well luckily Halo Reach Planet has done the dirty work for you and tied them up into a nice little two video bow.

Remember each Data pad is numbered, and letters or words are replaced with numbers in the Data pad message itself.

If you prefer to go it alone without the video tuts, some levels have more than one Data pad. Data pads 1 – 9 can be found on any difficulty setting in Halo: Reach. Whereas, Data pads 10 – 18 can only be found on the Legendary setting.

Halo: Reach Data Pads 1-9

Halo: Reach Data Pads 10-19

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2021