Hatred Gameplay Trailer Reveals Release Date and More Ultra-Violence

by Kyle Hanson
Hatred Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

The controversial game Hatred has a new gameplay trailer out titled “Human Shields”. The trailer shows more of the ultra-violent action that we’ve come to expect from the mass-murder based title, including more executions. On top of that came the official reveal of the game’s release date, which will be June 1st, 2015. Due to Hatred receiving an AO or Adults Only rating it most likely won’t be coming to consoles, but you can get the game through Steam thanks to the intervention of Valve founder Gabe Newell, who famously retracted the game’s ban from the service.

This trailer shows some more of the gameplay players will be able to take part in once Hatred ships, but it also adds another voiceover to the mix. The main character, whose name hasn’t been revealed as of yet, is on a genocidal rampage. He is angry at the world and seeks to kill and destroy everyone and everything around him. This includes police, military, and innocent bystanders.

The violence featured in the game has caused quite a bit of controversy, but it looks like developer Destructive Creations has doubled down on their original vision. The violence in this latest trailer isn’t toned down at all from what we’ve previously seen, so those who haven’t been bothered so far should find what they are looking for when Hatred is released on June 1st for PC.

- This article was updated on April 28th, 2015