Heihachi Is Over 75 Years Old In Tekken 7

by Damian Seeto

Bandai Namco has now commented on how old Heihachi Mishima is in Tekken 7.

Katsuhiro Harada revealed on Twitter that Heihachi Mishima is “over 75” years old in Tekken 7. In Tekken 6, he was exactly 75 years old. Many of the other characters in the game don’t look that much older. It’s entirely possible that Tekken 7 takes place only one year after the events of Tekken 6. This could mean Heihachi is now 76 years old.

Being over 75 years old and still being able to fight is pretty impressive in itself. Heihachi’s death was teased back in Tekken 5, but Bandai Namco didn’t go through with it. His son Kazuya was thought be have been killed at the end of Tekken 2, but was brought back in Tekken 4.

Tekken 7 however marks the end of the Mishima storyline. The debut trailer for the game teased that this is the final battle between Heihachi and Kazuya. If Heihachi doesn’t die of old age first, it’s likely Kazuya could kill him. On the other hand, Heihachi could kill Kazuya or both of them die in the game. Harada said in the past that the story is “too dark“, so that’s a clue the game won’t have a happy ending.

- This article was updated on February 13th, 2015