Hellblade will release on PC, alongside the PlayStation 4

by AOTF Staff

It looks like Hellblade will be a PlayStation 4 console exclusive, instead of exclusive.  An announcement from Ninja Theory revealed today that the game will launch on PC “alongside” the PlayStation 4 version.

“We’re excited to be bringing Hellblade to PC gamers and welcoming them into the Hellblade development journey.  PC offers us fantastic opportunities to engage players in playtesting, usability testing and modding.  We plan on grasping these opportunities with both hands to make Hellblade as good as it possibly can be for our fans,” reads the announcement.

From what it sounds like, it won’t be a mere port to the PC.  Ninja Theory already giving a nod to the modding community should be a good sign.

Not all are happy though.  As it was announced a PlayStation 4 exclusive, some PlayStation fans have already lashed out at the developers for the announcement.   There’s been no word on whether Xbox One owners will get a chance to buy the game at a later date.

Hellblade is game that is self-described by Ninja Theory as one that will double down on the things that they do best, “give you a deeper character in a twisted world with brutal, uncompromising, combat.”  Being independently made by Ninja Theory, they also describe Hellblade as neither indie, nor AAA.  They’re calling Hellblade “independent AAA.”