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Here’s the First Official Nintendo Switch Unboxing Video

by Kyle Hanson


Today Nintendo has released the first official Nintendo Switch unboxing video. OK, yeah, there was that other Nintendo Switch unboxing video, but let’s just not discuss that little incident. This one is the real deal, coming directly from Nintendo’s channel, and featuring the usual pair of Kit and Krysta from the Nintendo Minute. You can watch the whole video below, which has either too much, or just enough excitement, depending on your particular Nintendo level of fandom.

The Nintendo Switch is less than two weeks away from launch, and it still feels like we’re in the dark about a lot of areas of the experience. Nothing too integral though, so those wondering if the system is worth buying or not can go ahead and make their decision one way or the other. It seems like most have decided that it’s worth it though, with Nintendo Switch and many of its accessories selling out at pretty much any retailer that has them.

Seeing the console unboxed here should give prospective buyers some idea of what they’re getting into. The system itself seems smaller than what I personally expected, helping it feel more like an actual portable handheld system. The accessories contained in the package look great, and man has Nintendo nailed the marketing for this system.

Nintendo Switch logos are everywhere, and the clicking sound they’ve made has already established itself deep within my psyche. As soon as I hear it, I think of the Switch, which is a far cry from where we were at with the Wii U, even months into its release. There’s no doubt that this is a brand new gaming console, and people will immediately understand its function, and how to make the whole thing work. The Nintendo Switch seems primed for a much better launch than the Wii U, and its life afterward is looking better as well.

Nintendo Switch hits stores on March 3rd.

Nintendo Switch Unboxing – Nintendo Minute

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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