Heroes Of The Storm Enters Closed Beta

by AOTF Staff

After a long alpha phase the highly anticipated Blizzard MOBA, Heroes Of The Storm has entered closed beta.

Fans who have signed up via Battle.Net should keep checking their email as invites have been going out throughout the week for the next phase of testing for Heroes Of The Storm. The closed beta brings with it new user experiences, content, ranked play and more. Many of which are laid out in the brand new closed beta walkthrough video below.

The new content on display includes a new three-lane battleground, Sky Temple. Blizzard has also introduced a new hero, Thrall, Warchief of the Horde. Below is a list of some changes that have been implemented in the patch that signifies the start of the closed beta.


  • Versus Mode has been renamed to Quick Match.
  • All Daily Quests can now be completed in Practice Mode.

Hero League

  • Initial implementation for Hero League, the first Ranked Play mode in Heroes of the Storm, has been added to the game!
    • With Hero League, players will be able to queue up alone, or in a party of any size, for ranked, competitive matches against others of similar skill and party size.
    • In order to queue for Hero League, players must meet the following requirements:
      • Reach Level 30 or higher.
      • Own 10 or more Heroes (weekly free rotation Heroes do not count toward this requirement.)
  • Draft Mode
    • After finding a match, players will enter Draft Mode, in which teams will take turns picking the Heroes they’d like to use for the upcoming game.
    • Coin Toss
      • A coin toss will determine which team will pick first.
      • The team that wins the coin toss will be prompted to pick one Hero on the first turn, after which, teams will alternate picking two Heroes per turn until just one player remains on the team that lost the coin toss.
    • Hero Selection
      • Players may only choose from the pool of Heroes that they already own.
      • Each player will have 30 seconds to select a Hero during their turn. If no selection is made, a Hero will be locked in automatically.
      • Once locked in, a Hero can no longer be selected by any other player.

It looks as though fans who have taken a break from the Alpha of Heroes Of The Storm will want to return to experience all the new offerings that are now on display during the closed beta.