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Hideo Kojima Calls The Nintendo Switch A “Gamer’s Dream”

by Dean James


Hideo Kojima has been one of the biggest names in the business over the years for games like Metal Gear Solid, though his very public breakup with Konami allowed him to set out on his own with Kojima Productions. He is currently working on the PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding, but that didn’t stop Kojima from weighing in on the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

Kojima was recently at RTX Sidney, where he was interviewed by IGN and happened to discuss his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, he compared the idea of the Switch to something Sony has utilized as well.

“You might be familiar with the fact that for a previous game that I did, we had a specification that we called ‘Transfarring‘ where you could take the saved data from the PS Vita and move it over to the PS3 and back and forth like that. I believe [Switch] is an extension of that idea. The fact you can play something at home and take it outside, this is the gamer’s dream. The Switch is an evolution of that.

“For example, often when you buy a Blu-Ray disc, it’ll have a code on the inside for a digital version, so in the same respect you can watch it at home and then take it on the go on your tablet and smartphone,” he continued. “This is how movies and TV are moving, and this is how games should go.”

The idea of the Switch being a “gamer’s dream” idea is definitely true for many people, as this is the first device to let us take a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a handheld. He went on further to explain how he thinks gaming as a whole will move towards cloud technology that allows you to “play everything, on every device, anywhere,” which he sees the Nintendo Switch as a predecessor of.

It definitely would have been interesting to see what he could come up with to utilize technology like HD Rumble, but it looks like he is working exclusively with Sony for the time being.

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