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Hitman 2 1v1 Multiplayer Mode, Ghost Mode, Revealed

Will you be able to out-assassin your opponent?

by Dylan Siegler


In about a month, Hitman 2 will be hitting store shelves. This time around, the series will introduce a new mode, Ghost Mode, which will pit two players against each other in a competitive multiplayer match.

In a new video recently posted by publisher WB Games, Ghost Mode is detailed. The mode consists of two players competing to see who can pull off an assassination the fastest. Though the location and circumstances surrounding the assassination are the same between the two players, each player’s character will exist in their own reality, so players will not be able to physically affect each other’s assassination attempts. Players will, however, be able to see a “ghost” of their rival, allowing players to get a sense of what their rival is up to.

When a player successfully kills their target before their opponent, they receive a point. Once the faster player’s target is eliminated, their rival will have a short amount of time to pull off their own assassination to gain a point of their own. Once an assassination is complete, the next round starts. The first to five points wins. Players will have to keep in mind, however, that assassinations that are noticed by other NPCs do not count and will not go to their points.

Both players start off with no equipment, but items can be found in Ghost Crates. These are the only objects that are affected by both players; if one player takes all the items from the Crate, the second player to get to the Crate will find it empty. Therefore, some strategy will be involved in deciding whether to go straight for the target and risk missing some items that might come in handy in future rounds, or going for the Crate, but possibly letting your rival win the round if they’re faster.

Hitman 2 is set for release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 13.

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