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Hitman Dev Reveals Three Seasons Of Game Are Planned

by Mike Guarino


The first season of the rebooted Hitman is still underway, but there is apparently a lot more in the pipeline for this new take on the series. While we had previously heard that the developer was planning to announce a second season of the game, it looks like there will even end up being another season after that one.

A fan recently asked the official Hitman Twitter account whether or not there were any plans for a second season of Hitman, to which the account replied with “Of course, our plan is to have three seasons. Although Season Two hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

This is very big news considering that we haven’t even gotten a confirmation of a second season, but if all goes according to plan then there will be plenty more where that came from. There are currently 3 episodes of the first season of the game available to play, with episode 4 set to come out later this month.

Episode 4 will be taking things to Bangkok and will launch on August 16th, which has you taking on the lead singer of The Class in a scenario taking place inside of a hotel. A retail version of the game that will include all of the episodes is currently slated to launch in January of next year.

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