Attack of the Fanboy

Hit-Monkey coming from High Moon in 2013

by William Schwartz


High Moon Studios has gone live with a teaser site for their next game, Hit Monkey.  Based off of the Marvel comic series from 2010, Hit-Monkey is a Japanese Macaque with incredible agility and reflexes that uses his expert marksmanship and martial arts to take down his targets.

There’s no word on what type of game Hit-Monkey will be from the limited details found on the teaser site.  Though High Moon will be working with Activision once again, who will publish the title in 2013.  It’s hard to see this title going in any direction other than third person action, but we’ll have to stay tuned for developments on this new franchise.

High Moon Studios has had success with other existing properties in the past.  Best known for their recent work with the Transformers series, the Studio is currently working on their third Transformers title:  Transformers: Fall of  Cybertron.

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