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First Look at Horror Visual Novel ‘Death Mark’ on PS4

by Jose Belmonte


Japanese developer Experience has released the first trailer of the PS4 version of Death Mark, a visual novel that tells a story of mystery and horror. The game was originally released on PSVita earlier this year, and now it’s making its way to Sony’s home console, and later to Nintendo Switch. These new ports will count with a few extras, like the bonus episode ‘Urban Legend: Little Red Riding Hood of the Rain,’ new monsters that appear on the main adventure, and a traces system highly demanded by the fans. The new chapter will be available for PSVita as DLC, which will be free for three weeks after the release.

The story of Death Mark revolves around the mysterious deaths spreading across Tokyo’s metropolitan area among people who posses a strange mark on their body, which has the look of a birthmark, despite only appearing recently. One day, a group of people who have the ‘death mark’, with the protagonist included among them, is invited to a mysterious mansion, where they are promised the possibility of curing from the curse.

The video showcases gameplay footage based on storytelling and exploration in first person, investigating the elements of each room. Different elements like the artwork and sound design achieve a truly terrifying atmosphere, no doubt the highlight of the game.

The company has also released two free themes available from the Japanese PS Store for PS4 and PSVita.

Death Mark will be released for PS4 in Japan on January 18. A Nintendo Switch version is expected in spring 2018. A Western release has not been dated yet. Watch the new trailer below.

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