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I Am Setsuna is Getting a Switch Exclusive Battle Mode

by Kyle Hanson


Square Enix just announced a brand new free update that’s heading to I Am Setsuna. The update will give players access to the Temporal Battle Arena, an area where those who have completed the main quest can battle it out with other parties who have done the same. Rewards and prizes will be offered to the victor. The new mode seems pretty cool, but it has some upset as it will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, arriving on April 13th for the new console.

I Am Setsuna was seen as a true return to classic JRPG gameplay for Square Enix. The game comes from some of the talent behind the JRPG classic Chrono Trigger. It utilizes an active time battle system, much like that SNES masterpiece, along with other Final Fantasy title from the 80’s and 90’s. Fans were excited for the project, and it seemed to deliver on expectations when it launched on PS Vita, PS4, and PC last year.

The Nintendo Switch version hit shortly after launch, helping to expand the newly release console’s library with a truly great game. Coming so long after the initial release likely hurt reception for the game, though being able to take it on the go likely helped players feel like they got their money’s worth. Now though the Nintendo Switch will have something else to brag about with this exclusive mode.

Suqare Enix explains, “Think you have raised the strongest guardians? Upon completion of I Am Setsuna’s story, enter the Temporal Battle Arena from the Last Lands, where you can test the might of your guardians against others that have also completed Setsuna’s pilgrimage in this upcoming party vs party update. Teams that emerge victorious will be rewarded with items belonging to the other team! This Nintendo Switch exclusive update is coming April 13, 2017.”

Temporal Battle Arena Trailer – Nintendo Switch Exclusive Update

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