Improvements Are Being Made To Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Servers

by Damian Seeto

Dragon Ball Xenoverse had a bad launch last week with the servers being down for everyone. Bandai Namco claims to have made improvements to the servers shortly before the weekend.

Bandai Namco sent out another announcement on the Dragon Ball Games Facebook page:

“We are working hard to improve your online experience and have already had some promising results as described below. Rest assured that we won’t stop until we deliver the best online experience possible to you.

Currently, Dragon Ball XENOVERSE servers for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 have been updated with several optimizations. Consequently, the success rate of logging in for multi-lobbies have greatly increased. We will continue to monitor and fine-tune both server and client side processes to raise the log-in rate to 100% success very soon.

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE on PC Steam has also been updated to deploy numerous improvements that will improve the log-in success rate and the game’s overall stability.

Thank you for your patience and everlasting love for Dragon Ball XENOVERSE!”

Maintenance to Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s online servers was done two days ago. It looks like some users have been able to play the game online, although things are not at 100 percent yet.

Hopefully things improve as many users are obviously not happy.