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Improvements Are Being Made To Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Servers

| March 8, 2015

Improvements Are Being Made To Dragon Ball Xenoverse's Servers News  Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball Xenoverse had a bad launch last week with the servers being down for everyone. Bandai Namco claims to have made improvements to the servers shortly before the weekend.

Bandai Namco sent out another announcement on the Dragon Ball Games Facebook page:

“We are working hard to improve your online experience and have already had some promising results as described below. Rest assured that we won’t stop until we deliver the best online experience possible to you.

Currently, Dragon Ball XENOVERSE servers for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 have been updated with several optimizations. Consequently, the success rate of logging in for multi-lobbies have greatly increased. We will continue to monitor and fine-tune both server and client side processes to raise the log-in rate to 100% success very soon.

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE on PC Steam has also been updated to deploy numerous improvements that will improve the log-in success rate and the game’s overall stability.

Thank you for your patience and everlasting love for Dragon Ball XENOVERSE!”

Maintenance to Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s online servers was done two days ago. It looks like some users have been able to play the game online, although things are not at 100 percent yet.

Hopefully things improve as many users are obviously not happy.

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  • BlueBandicoot

    Yeah, well the content update for the game is not even working, so none of these patches are coming through.. Is it just my Xbox one? Or others as well?

    • bardock5151

      Mine too. Good game, shit support.

    • matt

      same prob1em for me

    • zd2323

      Same issue here too. Though it was my xbox for a min.

    • king j

      Same here

    • Johnny Reed

      It’s all other the systems.. I haven’t gotten my patch for the season pass either.. Believe me I want to be playing with super saiyan 4 vegeta lol

      • guest222

        that one sometimes fixes if you redownload the game.

      • Arthur Sataine

        If you’re on PS4, make sure it is set as your primary. And try restoring your licenses after that. Content should work fine from then on.

    • Meiser

      same problem here

    • john

      its not working with mine either. my xbox doesn’t tell me to update anything. at the beginning of the game it just says that I need to install the content update, but I dot know how. im guessing ill do it by it self???

  • Liven

    Still can’t get online ?? or is it just my Xbox trippen ??

    • Kin

      I can’t on ps4 too..

  • GravenWolf

    “Consequently, the success rate of logging in for multi-lobbies have greatly increased.”

    Umm… when? Did I miss something?

  • Brandon Nally

    I kno i cant get content update either

  • chris

    Wont let me in. Just keeps saying i need to apply content update????

  • Syliss

    Try doing a cache reset on your Xbox one. To do this hard power off your Xbox, then unplug it from the wall and then attempt to power it on. This discharges the stored internal power. All of your content is safe when this is done. On boot up it will take a few minutes late longer as it has to reinitialize its software.

    • Rizzo

      Say whaaaat syliss?

    • Rizzo

      Yeah um….that didnt work…fun tho

      • jon

        its ot working with any one, I guess we just need to wait a bit longer

  • Rizzo

    Same here….same message for about a week…

  • ArchDuke

    Have had the game since launch on PS4 and have yet to successfully log into the multiverse

  • Remember when games used to work at launch? Those were the days…

    • XenoAether

      They were, brother. They were…

  • king j

    Yeah handle that I didn’t purchase the game to not play online

  • Rizzo

    Still down…xbox one….

  • thatguy

    One day they’ll release a game that’s not broken.

    • 2pacvelox

      We need to complain as a unit like politics this have to stop these guys are lazy or replace the whole staff

  • Xenoreth

    Xbox-One servers still unavailable due to the “Content Update”. Words mean nearly nothing if actions aren’t put forth into fixing their game. Beginning to lose some respect for whoever decided to release the game that has extreme server problems. I have never experienced it this badly in my life.

  • Alex

    They should give us a free DLC

  • XenoAether

    At least the “Content Update” bullshit is not happening to just me.

  • Johnny Reed

    It sucks that I can’t play online right now but when I was I was online for 48 hrs straight lol its that much fun playing with other people looking for the same goal of kicking a major bosses ass together lol once this game is fully operational it’ll be so much more fun than it already is lol all I can say is to take the time while the servers r down is to level up ur character in normal game play lol I love this game n really u can’t hate on a game that has it right finally with the flow of the story and game play right finally lol the online world will work it self out n then we will be all good lol

    • nope natta

      Same here just tried to get on Xbox one and still need a content update

      • Johnny Reed

        Yeah it’s been down for 2 days now but hopefully it’ll be back up sometime this week

  • Danny

    So when will it be fixed ?

    • RedLanternCorp

      Once Trunks fixes our timeline…

      • imjustsaiyan


  • ChronoStrife6923

    I have a ps3 and it works fine other than log in my patches and my pass also day one edition content is all fine

    • Playstationblows

      Your a liar lol

  • ant

    it still won’t let me on

  • Chris Leonard

    No online still for me and my xbox as well

  • Steven douglas

    When will servers be up for the ps4?because I still can’t login

  • Jamie Quartz Pearce

    the content content update hasnt been released yet and they never said the miantance is over yet every ones still in the dark and why be such an ass to the creators of one of the best dragon ball games ever
    any way i asume there trying very hard and im impatient as well but im not gonna say thier shit

    they really should post more progress updates though 2 days and no new info on the server and when itle be up

    • lostz

      Actually on their Facebook page they said maintenance is over but some ppl will still have problems

  • kingDom

    Mine is still down already finished the game made another character made 4 wishes got all characters just waiting for my season pass to kick in and the server to WORK !!!! #xbox1,

  • Kelby Kinley

    Confused on why I can’t get content updates tried reinstalling hard shutdown and still nothing any idea why

  • Mike

    How do you apply the content update feature

  • RedLanternCorp

    Still waiting, in the meantime does anyone know how to make a new character?

    • T

      You have to beat the game

  • T

    My Gamer Tag for Xbox One is “Possibly 2 Good”.

    I have had this damn Content Update blocking my access to do any online play besides PvP battles.

    I am wanting to play with friends SO where is the support to help resolve this!!!

    FIX THE GAME. Until then this will get a BAD review.

    I do NOT recommend.

  • Donnie R. Haid

    Any news on world tournament?

  • Leon Evelake

    On the ps4 I can get the online stuff to work sometimes.
    The bigger problem for me at least I’d getting kicked out of my saves when it has a server connect issue

  • BlazingFire

    I finished a parallel quest and I got a bunch of stuff, next thing I know it says that I
    have been disconnected from the servers and all the stuff I got has vanished. I’m kinda mad because it looked like a bunch of good stuff as well.

  • SuperSayian52

    Yeah my Xbox keeps saying I need that content update but then doesn’t attempt the update

  • Michael

    Playing this game on pc i can definitely say the servers are getting better im able to connect to multi lobby with relative ease now

  • Karrik

    I’ve been on the multi-lobby for the past two days and haven’t been dcd once

  • Atum

    Login rates have increased but I keep getting logged out after 15mins max everytime…


    Hmm…. and today still not working to go to a public lobby or even sign in xenovers server. it just kicks me out of my gt @ xbox one. and if i do single player after every match i play of the story or others i got kick out again with the same fucking reason >_> dont they not learn from other company’s that’s having the same bullsh*t after the launch of the game that their servers is f*cked up! instead of doing the Alfa version first to see if it works and where the bugs are >_>

  • Ben

    Got the characters!!! The online server is still super sketchy though.

  • Mikky blu

    Same problem for me, I think this is a trading standards issue myself

  • bvill2g

    Yea bought this game over the weekend and haven’t been able to join multiplayer once. Even now I cant even join the damn servers. Bs Xbox one

  • Shep

    I can’t log in my wifi is just fine I’m signed in but it still won’t let me join also after I do a quest or a story mission I get kicked back to the title screen makes me wanna throw my xbox 360



  • Keef the Saiyain

    please fix the pc servers

  • sonny

    I payed £40 for the game online as I got all the dragon dall games and my xbox 360 wont download it is there any refunds or have I lost my £40’s if so I will be very disappointed

  • craig 1010

    hey I don’t know if u guy r having this prob but I go to play normal campaign butit says its not downloaded yer an its down loading I have been getting this for three days ?I have reinstalled it didn’t fix It is it my xbox or is it the game

  • deceptiveballer

    Hey I have one of the older Xbox 360 models but I don’t have internet so I can’t play online. I’m trying to play dragon ball xenoverse single player offline but it won’t let me, in the game creating the character and walking around in tiki tiki city is all it let’s me do, everything I go to says sorry were closed come back when were open. I can’t play campaign or multiplayer at all I need help any suggestions would be appreciated thank you.

  • MysteriousMan

    I have this game on pc and i cant go online it says that server is down or under maintenance

  • Daniel Rackler

    so my game is missing the server file is there some were i can get it of fix it i have it for the pc

  • Sambo

    Servers are still down wtf? Is there anything that can be done about this? (Xbox 360)

    • Sambo

      I literally can’t do anything, I haven’t even played one match ever or anything like that as it just says all the shops are closed at the moment. How this even fair? The game was released like 10 months ago. How hasn’t this problem been resolved yet. I thought EA was bad. ? Is there anything that can be done on the the Xbox 360 platform so I can play this game. Thanks

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