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Indie Game To the Moon to Get Animated Movie Adaptation

The 2011 cult classic will be made into a full-length movie.

by Dylan Siegler


Followers of the indie game scene may remember an adventure game called To the Moon, which originally released in 2011. Upon release, the game was praised for its emotional narrative, which centers around a pair of scientists traveling through the memories of a dying man. Apparently, gamers weren’t the only ones taken with the story, as a movie adaptation of the game is now in the works.

In a recent press release sent out by To the Moon developer Freebird Games, it was revealed that an animated, feature-length film based on the game is being made. According to the press release, “First tier Japanese animation production companies are aboard,” though what specific companies are involved, as well as other details, won’t be revealed until later. It was also stated that the film will have a “significant budget” that exceeds the budget of the 2016 animated film Your Name.

Additionally, original To the Moon creator Kan Gao will act as a consultant to the film’s script, while also continuing to work on more games with Freebird Games. Since To the Moon‘s release, Freebird has also released the sequels A Bird Story in 2014 and Finding Paradise in 2017. The studio is currently working on a new game that promises to be “quite bonkers.”

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