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Infinity Ward looking to add new game modes to Modern Warfare 3

by William Schwartz


Infinity Ward has been looking at exploring new game modes recently. The release of Face-Off arrived with mixed reviews, but it’s hard to criticize something that’s basically given to you. According to a new poll being conducted by Infinity Ward, they developers are looking to implement more new game modes into the Call of Duty mixture, by polling fans on the Call of Duty Community website.

Right now, the Call of Duty community is mostly voting for Hardcore variations of legacy game modes. Hardcore Ground War, and a variation of a game mode that disallows the use of the Assassin, Support Streaks, Death Streak, and Blind Eye perks, are in the lead. Though those are far from the only things IW is considering at this point.

The full poll lists modes like Knife Only, 3rd Person, Snipers Only, Shotguns Only, Hardcore CTF, MLG Rules, Barebones FFA, and others. To cast your vote on what you want to see next, head over to

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