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Injustice 2 Owners That Did Not Pre-Order Can Still Buy Darkseid

by Dean James


Injustice 2 launches later tonight after much waiting, with the game having a massive marketing campaign throughout 2017 so far. One advertisement that has come at the tail end of most promos is the special pre-order bonus of Darkseid in the game, but for those that don’t pre-order, it appears you’ll be able to purchase him as well.

Pre-order bonuses have become more and more prevalent over the more recent years and NetherRealm Studios did just that before with Mortal Kombat X by having Goro be a bonus. We have no doubt that Darkseid would eventually be sold at DLC separately for those that don’t pre-order, but the great news is that it sounds like he will be available to purchase from the get go based on the way he’s listed in the game.

As confirmed by WWG, Injustice 2 will indeed allow you to purchase Darkseid if you did not pre-order the game. By going to the character select menu, you will notice Darkseid is in the bottom middle row greyed out. However, you can highlight over him which will show him in the character select option. When highlighting over him, the game on PS4 will say “Press X to Purchase Darkseid.”

Due to the game not being actually available yet, those who got the game beforehand were not able to go through this process as Darkseid is not available on the PSN store yet. Goro was handled similarly, though he was not handled as easily with the menu and being able to purchase. Instead, those who didn’t pre-order had to wait a bit to get him, so thankfully that doesn’t appear to be the case with Darkseid.

Since they were not able to access the Darkseid listing on the PSN Store, we also aren’t sure how much he will cost. A good guess would probably be around $4.99, but perhaps they will offer him even cheaper as well.

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