Insider Shares More Details On Star Wars Battlefront’s Trailer And Graphics

by Damian Seeto

Video game insider, Tidux, has once again gone on Twitter to share his thoughts on what he has seen from Star Wars: Battlefront.

First of all, he praises the graphics in Star Wars: Battlefront will be amazing. He said: “The game almost looks like the first time we saw it. just incredible.

Tidux also said in a separate tweet that the footage he saw from Star Wars: Battlefront was from a “high end PC“. The playtest that EA and DICE did was also from the PC version of the game. It’s possible this week’s gameplay trailer will be footage from the PC version.

Lastly, Tidux said that the lead platform for Star Wars: Battlefront is the PC. After that the PS4 version and then the Xbox One version. This may be a sign that the PC version of the game will look the best out of the bunch. Hopefully the console versions still look great anyway.

Tidux really feels DICE and EA have something special with Star Wars: Battlefront. If his comments are to be believed, the graphics will be the same quality from the footage we saw from E3 last year. Tidux is usually a reliable source, so hopefully everything he says is true.

- This article was updated on April 15th, 2015