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Insomniac Answers Many Questions About Spider-Man PS4

by Damian Seeto


When Spider-Man PS4 was announced at E3 2016, it amazed a lot of fans although little is still known about the game. Insomniac Games has taken the time to answer many fan questions about the game on Twitter earlier this week.

First of all, fans will be happy to know that the new game will not be an origin story. They tweeted to a fan: “Keep in mind this is NOT an origin story, it’s very much a more experienced Spider-Man“.

It’s possible Spider-Man PS4 will feature a Peter Parker that is now in college rather than stuck in high school. Insomniac Games also mentioned recently the new game has no ties to the Tom Holland version of the character. This is an original take on the popular character.

Insomniac Games also replied to a ton of people that Sony is publishing this new game so there is no chance for it to come on other platforms. They said: “We can’t change that. Spider-Man is a Marvel property. We don’t control that. Sony doesn’t do multiplat games.“. If you love Spider-Man but only have a PC or Xbox One, you have to get a PS4 to play it.

Lastly, Insomniac Games confirmed that Spider-Man PS4 is being built on the “Insomniac Engine“. This is their own game engine and the teaser trailer showed off how impressive it looks.

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